Youth Programs

Dorchester Bay’s Youth Force program is a youth leadership initiative that trains local teens to be community leaders and community organizers, who in turn train other local teens to be leaders and organizers in their own neighborhoods. The program is designed in a community organizing framework, and it focuses on building youth leaders, building youth relationships and building youth power.

Youth Force members learn leadership and community organizing skills such as meeting facilitation, engaging in campaign work, relational meetings, power analysis and research actions. The program goal is to build youth power in Dorchester and beyond and to strengthen the local community by tackling specific, winnable issues.

We grow leaders through engaging them in the issues that affect them directly. Mayor Menino was so impressed that he had his own private meeting with Youth Force at Dorchester Bay’s office.

Youth Force is currently engaged in two main initiatives: youth employment campaign and an effort to build its base of teen members. Youth Force has already won $20,000 in after school jobs funding and is currently organizing to prevent cuts in the number of summer and year round jobs for teens in Boston. Through its base building efforts Youth Force trains dozens of local teens in community organizing and leadership. It currently has a membership base of fifty active teens.

Youth Leadership and Development (Y.L.I.) engages over 600 youth in education, recreation, leadership, community services, summer camp, “Team Expeditions,” sports leagues, “Youth Force” organizing training, youth summit and after school educational support programs. We are currently strengthening the connection between youth development and Technology programs as we build up our after school educational services.

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