Board Leadership

Paul Black, President
Leighton Richardson, Vice President
Brian Welch, Treasurer
Lorraine Payne Wheeler, Clerk

Board Members

Paul Black, Finance Committee, Real Estate Committee
An Duong
Kristen Halbert, Finance Committee
Phil Hillman, Finance Committee, Nominating Committee
Rosalyn Johnson, Organizing Committee, Chair
Eileen Kenner, Organizing Committee, Fundraising/External Relations
Ricky Ochilo, Real Estate Committee
Leighton Richardson, Finance Committee
Mary Walker, Economic Development, Nominating Committee
Najah Wallace, Finance Committee, Real Estate Committee
Lorraine Payne Wheeler
Brian Welch, Real Estate Committee, Finance Committee

Committee Members (alt)

Finance Committee

Derrick Bellinger
Paul Black
Kristen Halbert
Phil Hillman
Leighton Richardson
Najah Wallace
Brian Welch

Real Estate Committee

Paul Black
Phil Hillman
Ricky Ochilo
Brian Welch

Loan Committee

Kristen Halbert
Najah Wallace

Nominating Committee

Phil Hillman

Organizing Committee

Rosalyn Johnson, Chair
Eileen Kenner

On Leave

Daryl Wright


An Duong
Mary Walker
Lorraine Payne Wheeler

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