Real Estate Development

Dorchester Bay’s real estate practice is driven by our conviction that development is a tool for revitalizing and growing strong communities. Working from our mission, we seize on opportunities to stabilize neighborhood assets and create new opportunities for stable housing, wealth building, job creation and local economic development. Wherever possible, we leverage bricks and mortar as a foundation for making Boston’s Dorchester neighborhoods a place of opportunity for everyone.

Our development approach is broad and diverse, and we actively pursue both residential and commercial projects. This holistic strategy gives us greater flexibility to serve the dynamic and changing needs of our service area. Partnering with Dorchester Bay’s other departments and local partners, we engage local residents in charting the course of our development activities, and create homes for new and emerging businesses within our developments. Our flexibility in taking on complex projects have earned us a reputation as one of Boston’s leading community development corporations.

Since 1979, Dorchester Bay EDC has endeavored to take on and complete projects that are important to the community and clearly serve a need. We have built or preserved over 1,114 units of housing and over 160,000 sq ft of commercial space.

Check out some of our latest projects below.

Indigo Block

Indigo Block: Residential rental building as seen from new driving lane (architectural rendering – May 2016).

Indigo Block: Site plan (May 2016)

On May 21, 2015 Dorchester Bay and partners Boston Capital, Escazú Development, and Newmarket Community Partners were designated by the City of Boston as developer of a 2.7 acre parcel of land at 65 East Cottage Street, adjacent to the Uphams Corner station on the Fairmount/Indigo Line. The development team will build 80 residential rental units for low- and middle-income households; 9 condominium units for sale at rates that are affordable to middle-income households; and 20,000 square feet of light industrial space. This is an exciting project for Dorchester Bay. We are eager to transform this vacant parcel into high-quality affordable housing for our community, to bring new job opportunities to the neighborhood, and to provide a more direct link to the train station right next to the property. Read the article from the May 21, 2015, edition of The Dorchester Reporter about the award announcement.

View our complete project materials and visuals at our our page on the Co-Urbanize website

Cottage Brook

Cottage Brook Apartments

With 147 apartments in 19 buildings, Cottage Brook Apartments is the largest project in Dorchester Bay’s portfolio. Dorchester Bay acquired the property in 1994 to ensure that affordable rental units continued to be available in the Dudley Triangle Neighborhood. All of the buildings within the Cottage Brook Apartments complex are at least 90 years old, with unit sizes ranging from studios to six bedrooms. The range of unit sizes and the deep affordability of the project’s rents make it an essential resource to preserve.

Dorchester Bay began a moderate renovation of the apartments in 2015 (the last major renovations were done in 1976), including replacing kitchen finishes and appliances, selective bathroom renovations, repairing walls and ceilings, and leveling sloped floors. On the exterior, all 19 buildings will have repairs made to damaged entry stairs, window sills and headers, façade repairs, 100% window replacement, air sealing at perimeter of all buildings, and roof replacement. All buildings are also receiving extensive building and safety system upgrades, including fire sprinkler, fire alarms, detectors, and pull stations, addition of carbon monoxide detectors, replacing the main electrical service and switch gear, new light fixtures, and security upgrades. Dorchester Bay looks forward to offering all residents upgraded homes in modernized buildings by the summer of 2017.