45th Anniversary Profile: Ms. Irene Mongo

Ms. Irene Mongo is a community leader and a long-time resident of Dorchester Bay’s Cottage Brook Apartments. Ms. Mongo is a rock that many community members rely on for her advocacy and involvement. She is an advocate for youth and families and has helped to increase social and civic engagement and resident participation in community meetings and events.

How long have you lived in Upham’s Corner, and how long have you lived in Dorchester Bay’s housing?
I have lived on Dorchester Bay properties, in Uphams Corner, for about 20 years and I am here to stay. I love Dorchester Bay.

What do you love about Upham’s Corner?
I love Uphams Corner because with gentrification taking over many cities like Dorchester, Uphams Corner managed to stay the course as much as possible. They are trying to have development without displacement of its community members.

How are you involved in your community?
I like to be involved with my community. If I can volunteer, I do. If it’s something I can participate in, I will. I will attend plays or concerts at the Strand Theater any opportunity I can and I shop in the local markets here in my area. I also try to support small businesses in Uphams Corner whenever I can.

What is your experience with Dorchester Bay and the staff?
I have a great relationship with Dorchester Bay. I volunteer at many of their functions and events. I attend many resident trainings and programs as well as led some events on behalf of my property and Dorchester Bay. I believe in Dorchester Bay and their vision for Dorchester and its residents.

How have you seen Upham’s Corner and/or Dorchester Bay change throughout the years?
Dorchester Bay has changed a lot over the years. There’s a lot of new staff and a new CEO. The building it occupies has changed as well and is now this beautiful building with pictures of residents and community members welcoming you when you enter the office. I know to some folks, change can be a lot and not as welcoming to everyone but change is also sometimes good and this is the direction I feel Dorchester Bay is headed. I love what they are doing.

God Bless them all I will always be here to help.

Irene Mongo


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