Donor Spotlight: Edmond James, Co-Founder of TEK Building Services

Edmond James is the Co-Founder of TEK Building Services. TEK Building Services offers commercial cleaning and janitorial maintenance services. Edmond is an active member of Dorchester Bay’s Corporate Committee and recently served as the 2020 committee co-chair.

Born in Tobago, Edmond moved to New York and later attended York College, CUNY, where he graduated with a BS in Business Administration and Marketing with a minor in Accounting. 

TEK Building Services was founded in 2018 by Edmond and his wife, Tymara James, with his core principles of honesty, integrity, character, and effectiveness. 

Edmond shared with us the role that economic development corporations (EDCs) like Dorchester Bay fill in the communities they serve and his passion for helping others.

How did you first become involved with Dorchester Bay?

United Housing Management introduced me to Dorchester Bay through their support of the annual event. I became a proud supporter as I learned more about their mission and their work with residents and the community.

From your perspective, why are community development and organizations like Dorchester Bay are an important resource to the communities they serve? 

Organizations like Dorchester Bay are critical to the communities they serve. They help residents live and work in their communities and offer services and programs at little to no cost.

Is there anything you can say about Dorchester Bay’s commitment to the Dorchester community?

It has been fulfilling to see Dorchester Bay grow and continue to address the community’s needs.

As a donor, what aspects of Dorchester Bay’s mission motivated you to go beyond a business partnership to support our work directly?

I have a deep appreciation for the re-entry program’s work to support young men and women get back on their feet and enter the workforce. 

Our community grows better when we engage and support more people.

Is there anything in particular that you’d want people to know about you or TEK Building Services that they might not be aware of or might be surprised to know?

I am dedicated to giving back to the community and believe in paying it forward. TEK hires employees from the communities served, and it has been rewarding to see the high quality of work.