Donor Spotlight: Jeanne Richardson

Jeanne Richardson is the CEO of Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel. Jeanne credits her mother for her entrepreneurial spirit, who ran a business selling home and food products. She honed her talent for talking to people at a young age when she helped her mother with the business. Jeanne’s father owned a small business as a general contractor.

Jeanne graduated from Harvard University, where she studied Psychology and Social Policy. As a licensed social worker, her varied background includes years as a psychology and counseling professor at Cambridge College, as well as roles in public relations and communications for government agencies, non-profit organizations, and community-based programs. She serves on several community-related boards, including Dudley Square Main Streets Association, Shirley Eustis House Preservation Association, and Newmarket Business Association.

How did you first become involved with Dorchester Bay?

I first learned about the work of Dorchester Bay in 2013 through the Newmarket Business Association and was told about a program that helps small businesses integrate technology into their business. At that time, we needed a website and had no idea where to begin. Through the Dorchester Bay Neighborhood Business Loans, I received technical assistance on marketing,  learned to integrate technology to increase efficiency, and gained access to professional business resources to develop a website.

From your perspective, why are community development and organizations like Dorchester Bay an important resource to the communities they serve?

Organizations like Dorchester Bay serve as a safe space in which it delivers valuable services to residents and provides ongoing support to entrepreneurs. Dorchester Bay builds a sense of community. Most entrepreneurs work alone, and the sense of community that Dorchester Bay offers helped me take more steps forward and progress to the next level.

Why do you support Dorchester Bay’s work?

I support Dorchester Bay because of the support I received as a small business owner. Dorchester Bay’s support made a significant difference for my business, and now my support can help other businesses have the same opportunity.

As a donor, what aspects of Dorchester Bay’s mission motivated you to go beyond a business partnership to directly support our work?

Dorchester Bay’s ongoing commitment to support economic development and work to increase access to quality programming moved me to share my time and resources. As a donor, I want to help people fulfill their dreams, support their family, and help their communities; I need to continue to be a part of that work.

Is there anything in particular that you’d want people to know about you or Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel that they might not be aware of or might be surprised to know?

Our company is a family-owned business I started with my granddaughter, Shantell Lanique Smith. We specialize in group travel to international destinations and organize family celebrations and business conference travel.

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