Congratulations to Our 2016 LISC-AmerCorps Graduates!

Congratulations are in order for LISC-AmeriCorps volunteers Victoria Florentino and Jarryd O’Connell!

LISC-AmeriCorps is a national volunteer program that places AmeriCorps members with local community development corporations (CDCs) to address affordable housing issues, community development, and community leadership. During a July graduation ceremony, Victoria, Jarryd, and ten fellow cohort members reflected on their 10-month experiences at Boston-area community development organizations.

As Community Assessment Coordinator, Victoria was instrumental in creating a community garden, compiling important community resources for easy accessibility, and developing a computer class curriculum for Spanish-speakers. “I became interested in serving as a LISC AmeriCorps member because the program offered the ideal opportunity and support to serve in my community, North Dorchester, and other adjacent marginalized communities,” said Victoria.

During his tenure as Real Estate Coordinator, Jarryd supported Dorchester Bay’s real estate projects in ways large and small. Jarryd was curious about community development prior to joining LISC-AmeriCorps, and the program provided a unique opportunity to gain valuable exposure through hands-on experiential learning.

Join Dorchester Bay in congratulating Victoria, Jarryd, and the entire 2016 LISC-AmeriCorps cohort!