Commercial Development

Dorchester Bay’s commercial real estate enhances the economic development in Dorchester and surrounding areas with buildings that directly create new jobs and contribute positively to neighborhood commercial districts. Our commercial developments fall into two categories. Dorchester Bay has a number of smaller-scale retail developments as part of mixed-use projects, usually in rental housing buildings but also in our own office and commercial landmark building in Upham’s Corner. We also have created ambitious and mission-oriented stand-alone light industrial developments. Through these projects, we have created over 160,000 square feet of commercial and light industrial space, with 20,000 more square feet in the pipeline, and have fostered the creation of over 250 new jobs.


Real Estate Projects in Commercial Districts

Dorchester Bay has 4 mixed-use projects that comprise a total of 60,000 square feet of ground-floor commercial space. Ground-floor retail is a key component to creating a vibrant streetscape for neighbors and a thriving economy in Upham’s Corner. We are proud that our tenants include important social service agency partners and markets that bring fresh food within walking distance of people’s homes. Sidewalk-oriented design in our retail spaces has helped transform crime hotspots into walkable and bright stretches on key neighborhood corridors.

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Commercial and Light Industrial

Dorchester Bay has a successful track record of developing complex commercial and light industrial projects that have spurred job creation in our local economy. We are proud to tackle projects that, but for our investment of time, energy, and funds, would not otherwise be developed by the private sector. The almost 120,000 square feet of commercial and light industrial spaces we have developed have transformed abandoned blocks, kept jobs in our neighborhoods, and incubated small businesses to support their growth over time.

Continuing in this practice, our next project, Indigo Block, includes 20,000 square feet of light industrial space for up to 8 local businesses on a parcel that bridges a light industrial area with a more residential scale community.

Read more about these developments in our Real Estate Portfolio..