Black History is DBEDC History: Trayce B. Booth

As Dorchester Bay EDC celebrates our 45th anniversary this year, we will take this opportunity to spotlight and honor the leaders who have played pivotal roles in shaping our organization, and those who are helping to write our future. Today we’re sharing an interview with community leader Trayce B. Booth.

How long have you lived in Upham’s Corner?

I have lived in the Upham’s Corner Community for a total of 34 years.

What do you love about Upham’s Corner? 

I love the diversity of Upham’s Corner, being able to shop within distance of residents. When I  stroll through my urban community it takes me back to my childhood years. Walking with my  mother on a gorgeous Saturday to Upham’s Corner to go shopping in Kresge’s Department store,  Elm Farm grocery store and Brigham Ice cream shop. I knew it was always gonna be a treat like  sitting at the booth in Kreges to have a delicious hot dog, fries and a coke. Those swinging stools  were amazing, and after grocery shopping at Elm Farm, there was a small Chinese spot in the  back section of Elm Farm, they had the best egg rolls ever. Lastly, Brigham’s Ice cream shop – yum  yum yum. My favorite was a large vanilla frappe, most of the time my brother would come  when he knew we would be going to Brigham’s. 

What makes you inspired to get involved in your community as a leader?

Simply, to be connected to a community where I raised my four children, having a voice that  resonates, being that voice of the silent voices and networking resources that challenge my  leadership skills. Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation is where my journey  started as a leader.

How have you seen Upham’s Corner change throughout the years?

More family businesses that reside right in the UPC community, redevelopment, community  neighborhoods coming together for a warmer vision, commercial space, standing strong with  goals set forth for development to support displacement. We have plenty of historical buildings in the UPC community that hold values, memories and to recreate more new beginnings. 

What are you excited for the future of the community?

Keeping in view that the vision of our community continues to rise with brighter days, family  values, connection which is aligned with the mission of DBEDC and making certain that does not  allow developers to even attempt to come into our community and marginalize us.

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