Celebrating 45 Years of Dorchester Bay EDC

In 1979, members from three civic associations (Columbia-Savin Hill, Virginia-Monadnock, and Jones Hill) founded Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation. The initial problem to be addressed was the renovation of four abandoned houses that belonged to the Columbia-Savin Hill Neighborhood Housing Services.

But they had a broader mission statement: to tackle the issues posed by chronic disinvestment and to develop the economic potential that they envisioned for Upham’s Corner.

Over the past 45 years, Dorchester Bay has expanded our scope to focus on comprehensive development, placing a new emphasis on long term economic planning and job creation, as well as resident and community resources. The path of our growth can be measured by the scope of our work and the dollars we’ve invested.

This year, in celebration of our 45th anniversary, we’ll be taking a look back through our archives and sharing the steps along the path that made our organization what it is today. We’re excited to take you along with us on this journey through our past, into our present, and toward our future – as our mission is more urgent and relevant than ever before.

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