Dorchester Bay Launches DotThought™ Program Series

In December 2016 Dorchester Bay will launch DotThought,™ a series of events and gatherings that will bring together community residents, entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, policymakers and other experts from near and far to confront challenges of present and future concern to our area.

DotThought™ will serve as a vehicle to discuss important issues affecting Dorchester, providing opportunities for attendees and in particular our community to engage with leaders in business, government and academia, to tackle the big problems affecting our communities.

By creating space for big ideas, and drawing on the passion and expertise of people and organizations in our area and beyond who are committed to developing concrete solutions to challenges in Dorchester, we hope to provoke vigorous debate, challenge the status quo and promote bold thinking.
Stay tuned for a formal announcement about our inaugural event in December!

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