Nineteen Years a Breast Cancer Survivor…and Counting!

Center – Helena Pimentel, Executive Assistant and Office Manager at Dorchester Bay

At age 38 Helena didn’t expect to receive a breast cancer diagnosis. With two young boys – five and ten years old at the time – the news weighed heavily. After the initial shock, Helena sprang into survival mode and devoted her energy to fighting cancer. She underwent intense surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments.

Feeling somewhat helpless after the diagnosis, Helena’s family and friends wanted to show a big gesture of support. They joined the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, and the team has been going strong for two decades. Helena joined the team in her fourth year of remission and, since inception, Helena’s Team has raised a cumulative $40,000 for breast cancer research, awareness, and increased access to mammograms.

“I feel beyond thankful when I cross the finish line each year for this cause. I am emotional beyond words because I am simply…here,” said Helena. “My hope is that no one goes through what my family and I went through during my diagnosis and treatments. I feel that the future is brighter through these efforts, but the fight continues!”

Nationwide nearly 300 Making Strides walks occur each year. For more information, and to support a Making Strides event, visit

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